Keith Porter
Stanley Center


I have worked at the Stanley Center for Peace and Security (formerly the Stanley Foundation) since 1987, and I feel very fortunate for all the opportunities the foundation has given me. After advancing through a number of positions, I am now president. Here is my Stanley Foundation bio.

At the foundation, I lead an outstanding team of people including policy professionals focused on nuclear security, human protection, and climate change. This work is advanced through policy analysis, dialogue, outreach, and networking with key players in international institutions, world capitals, and civil society.

The foundation recently co-sponsored a seminar for journalists covering international security issues. At the conclusion, I took part in this video interview summarizing the event.

I came to the foundation to be the associate producer and co-host of the foundation's weekly public radio program Common Ground. During my time on Common Ground, we added hundreds of new stations, expanded the show to a full hour, reported from a dozen different countries, interviewed hundreds of people, and won many awards. The show ended in 2004, but I still miss it and think it was an outstanding platform for the foundation.

Some of my favorite programs from Common Ground are available on the Web with transcripts and mp3 files:

More recently, the foundation has produced some fantastic radio documentaries and found unique ways to use the content in a variety of formats. And we have won a number of awards for these. They include:
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